Oct – 20 – 2020: A Day To Always Remember


The youths got on their way at the break of the dawn. They had informed the security men for security and protection of their lives. It is their right to do so. It is their right to embark on a meaningful and peaceful protest. They were assured by the security charlatans of their safety and they set out for the journey of peaceful protest. 

Believing that it is no crime to press home a demand via protest, they arrested some rogues that infiltrated their midst with weapons and handed them over to the security agents by themselves. 

At Apo, auto-mechanic centre just behind Apo- Police Division, about 7truck load of police vehicles came by, with notorious gang boys.

The Protestants watched

While the Police off-load the boys to go after the Protestants who thought the police came for their safety.

The only heaven for the Protestants was to, exit

The protest ground. 

They scampered for safety but some weren’t luck as they were caught up with the weapon brought by hoodlums to the scene of protest

Cars were burnt 

Youths were killed

By the same government they voted

The whole routs leading

To Apo- Auto-mechanic were locked down by the Nigerian Army for five days

No in-road, No out-road.


The previous night

A live Instagram account gave a report of how 

The Nigerian Army had shot at the Protestants

At lekki Tollgate.

We were marveled

At the dexterity of 

The killings by the soldiers who are tools of force and brutality in the hands of the govt

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Scores of deaths were recorded. Many are missing till date with no trace of how to find them 

They locked down the routs leading to Lekki Tollgate, packed all the corpses and take to the morgues b4 the dawn.

 How can a live Instagram streaming be fake? Just been clever by half. 

This happened, coupled with the loneliness that

People have to bore as a result of Convid19 lockdown at the time

And the govt still denied that there was any casualty.

In deed, it was a gory and memory experience that we will live to remember.

Oct -20-2020

Raphael Omale.