Okowa the Only Progressive Politician in Nigeria and Beyond By Ogwezzy


By Ogwezzy, Richardson

In response to series of questions emanating from my previous write-up published by Ndokwa Reporters Viewpoint on-line on the “Categories(types) of Politicians in Nigeria” by our avid readers, requesting me to give examples of progressive politicians in Nigeria.

Before I will give answers to such questions, I will first and foremost, let us have a kind of flashback, on the major determinants of progressive politicians as I listed are, he or she must be continuous in office, his position must be on upward order, he must start his political position(s) from Local Government level, he will resign from active politics only while in office or his tenure expires, he does not resign in active politics when he fails election, he does not negate political zoning nor protocol.

In order to determine a classical example of progressive politicians, I have to statistically begin the study at Delta State where am very conversant. The political track records of His Excellency Sen(Dr) Ifeanyi Okowa is a world class and unbeatable.

His Excellency Sen(Dr) Ifeanyi Okowa, started his political positioning as Secretary to Ika North East Local Government Area, then Chairman of Ika North East Local Government Area, then Commissioner, then Secretary to Delta State Government, later Senator representing Delta North Senatorial District, currently he is amiably and pragmatically the Governor of Delta State.

From his political records, he started holding office from Local level, his position was continuous and on upward order, he did not negate any political zoning nor protocol. The welfare of his people has been his precedence, his massive infrastructural development such as roads and bridges construction is superb. No wonder people call him Road Master.

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Sen(Dr) Ifeanyi Okowa political antecedents is unprecedented, world class and uncomparable. In assessing his records, it seems am placing an object of weight of 1000’kg to a weighing scale of maximum weight of 100 kg, such scale will free itself and no longer be usable. I cannot after finding cricket in its hole and keep on digging the hole, to find what? His track records from cursory view to other States in Nigeria, no yardsticks for such comparison. Sen(Dr) Ifeanyi Okowa remains the only classical example of progressive politician in Nigeria, if not the world at large.

To avoid further questioning, I think little effort should be made to extrapolate the political progressiveness of the uncomparable Governor, having analysed the past and present. Come 2023 general elections, if Jesus tarries, his available positions is to return to the Red Chamber,, or contest for Vice-president or President, but having observed that the immediate past President of Nigeria was from South South will be a discouraging factor for him. Apart from that, position of Vice-President is usually by zoning. Peradventure, it is not zoned to the South South. For a progressive politician does not negate protocol. House of Senate will be very appropriate for him. I believe he will get it at one hand, I mean, on a platter of gold, because the hand of God is always upon him. Thereafter, he can contest for Vice President or President of Federal Republic of Nigeria. If he happens to win Presidential position, he will be called a Political Marshall. But, if he succeeds Vice President’s position, he is still in the process(progressing) the President is his climax. Presently, in the world, no political leader has attained the level of a Political Marshall. It Is worthy to know that it is only His Excellency, Sen(Dr) Ifeanyi Okowa is even at the ladder of reaching the seemingly unreachable political level(Political Marshall) I know people will what to say, having gotten to this level, what is his level of achievements over others.

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Yes, he is still very high above his contemporaries in terms of good governance. The only States you feel in Nigeria that is robbing shoulders with Delta State are those States that have been highly developed by their earlier governors before the present dispensation, such States are working on the past glory of their predecessors. Sen(Dr) Ifeanyi Okowa is certainly the best from analysis. By this explanation, the issue of an example of a progressive politician should be considered CLOSED.

In sum, I will urge all the States of the Federation and even the country to having Okowa-like politicians, that is, progressive politicians, because as they progress, they do so with the needs, expectations and aspirations of the citizens they govern, which is the utmost of every good governance.

Deltans are praying to God that he should not rest on his oars.

Richardson Ogwezzy writes from Emu Kingdom in Delta State