Open NIN Registration Portal To ICT Centres, Ejikeme Tells Buhari


The President and Founder of Eloson Technology, Mr. Ejikeme Augustine Eloka has asked President Muhammadu Buhari to direct The National Identity Management Commission Director General Mr. Aliyu Aziz to open up The National Identification Number (NIN) registration portal to ease the process of registration nation wide in order to accelerate and facilitate quick accessibility by the Nigerian populace.

Mr. Ejikeme made this call when he paid a visit to National Identification Management Commission (NIMC) registration centre in Kwale, Delta State.

He argued that the convergence of too many people at the enshrouded registration centre gives room for corruption and manipulation of the process.

He also said that, in view of the convid 19 protocols which has become part of our national life and beyond, this has to be done in order to reduce the much crowd that we are witnessing in all the registration centres.

His words ” we are in a serious situation of rising cases of Convid19 on daily basis. This restriction of registration centres to some certain few places is making lots of people unable to observe the convid19 protocols thereby endangering their dear lives. But if the process of registration is been decentralized to ICT centres, it will be easier and convenient for people to access and do their registration at their convenient time without the risk of one’s life”.

Another argument put forward by Mr. Ejikeme is that ” time is of the essence” if the registration centres for National Identity Number is been liberalized, those who would have wasted their time trying to access their registration centres would have use that precious time to do other things they needed to do.

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He urged the Federal government of Nigeria under the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari to look into this plaguing issues of national urgent importance.

Mr. Ejikeme Augustine Eloka is the President and Founder of Eloson Technology, Nigeria.