Overview Of Corporate Affairs Commission


Am happy to have you on Eloson Platform, today we have decided to throw more light on what Corporate Affairs Commission stands for, their roles and responsibilities.

Corporate Affairs Commission is a body of the Nigerian Government responsible for the regulation and management of companies in Nigeria. It was introduced in 1990 with the passing of the Companies and Allied Matters Act.

Corporate Affairs Commission services is divided into two.

  1. Pre incorporation
  2. Post Incorporation.

Pre incorporation simply means fresh registration of business name, company and Incorporated Trustees.

Post Incorporation simply means those who have already registered i.e those who have existing registered companies but wishes to alter particulars like change of name, modification of proprietor/director/shareholders/chairman details.

But this is only possible provided the STATUS of the company is ACTIVE.

Research shows that More than 70% of registered companies, business name, NGOs, churches, association in Nigeria are INACTIVE.

You can fact check me on the CAC registry via: https://search.cac.gov.ng/

What this show is that the company has not filed a return after pre incorporation or fresh registration so CAC assumes that the company is not active or doing business hence they allocate the company the status of inactive.

Due to this status you cannot do post Incorporation except you file annual return payment till date.

Keep in mind that newly registered companies are given up to 18 months to file returns failure to do so the company becomes inactive and cannot do modification until returns are filed.

The good news is this, we can help you file annual returns and make your company active at Eloson Technology Limited 13 Akala Street Kwale Delta State.

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Note: Returns are filed yearly between January 1st to December 31st.

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Written by:
Ejikeme Augustine Eloka.
ICT consultants,
Eloson Technology Limited.