Parents And Children Relationship.


After this little discuss, we should be able to note the duties, obligations and responsibilities of parents and children, relationship and ethics of them all in a family.

Now; before I go ahead. I want us to note this, African parents are known to imbebe morals generally in their children but unlike today it is a different thing all together.

As an adult, I have observed something different from the year 2000 parents and 2020 parents. Then, our parents directs us to every single thing we do including choosing a career but today, it is different although in carreer choice it is of children’s betterment.

Today’s parents only care about your financial upbringing not moral upbringing.

I have watched many children today toe in the wrong route due to the mistakes of their parents not doing the right thing at their tender age.

Parents are ought to have heart to heart talk once a while with their children especially when they are approaching adolescent age, this stage if not well handled is the most difficult stage in a child’s life.

However, parents make other mistakes like living the responsibility of their children to nany, house care, maid and house help to their children. Majority of rape cases, sex abuses and rest started with these people i mentioned above, personally my first sex encounter in life was someone who supposedly to be my auntie. That exposure was one of the worst thing to happen to me at that age because, if not for mercy of God I would have made allot of mistakes in life.

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Parents should always try as much as they can to give a listening ear to their children as they are growing into adulthood, nurture them, groom them in Godly way and encourage them in the best life choices.

If your child fails today as a parent, you failed the society and failed our MAKER God who gave you the child.

If every family will take the responsibility of nurturing every of their children, we will have a better and greater world today and tomorrow.

Written By Emmanuel Ogobuchi

Ogobuchi Emmanuel