Parents Choosing Partners For Their Children, Right Or Wrong


Let’s take a look on this topic today, most parents try everything to detect who their children marries, which is very wrong.

Most of these parents tries to initiate this because of the bond of family relationship between the two families, business relationship between the two families, political relationship between the two families among others.

It is very wrong to choose a partner for your son or daughter without considering his/her stands or if there is love existing between them, but because of your personal interest, you deem it feet, you do everything to make your choice of man or make your choice of woman be his/her choice.

To you reading this, I want you to be bold enough to say no when you truly know that you don’t love him/her. If you have attain the level of marriage in life, you have your right as a man or a woman to make your personal choice without interference from anybody, marriage is a personal choice, choose wisely when doing so.

I love when I make mistakes in life, I blame myself for doing so, so don’t blame either your mom or dad if your marriage becomes a nightmare tomorrow rather you blame yourself, although if you are to completely choose your friend as the case maybe, I don’t see reasons why you should blame yourself. Friendship with your partner in marriage gives Joy, Peace of mind and many other good things.

To the guys, stop being a tomboy and be a man who takes responsibility for himself, does his things in life for himself. This will stop nonsense from your parents to detect who you marry even if they are the number one citizen.
They will listen to you when you explain to them why you need to marry your choice of man or your choice of woman.

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May our choice of man/woman be Godly choice for us in our Marriages for every marital blessings to be our testimony.

Thanks and have a lovely day.