Peter Obi Manifesto: 8 Takeaways

Peter Obi(L) Baba Ahmed(B)

The Labour Party Candidate finally released his Manifesto last night. It is a 72 page document containing what he called his “pact with the Nigerian people”.

For the benefit of those who have read it, and those who might never read it anyways, these are the few revolutionary takeaways from the document as itemized by this Twitter user.

1) Every life will now be sacred. One life, two lives, or hundred lives, no Nigerian life will be lost without swift and deserved punishment. It will be an end to the scenario where an entire village will be massacred in their sleep and not single culprit is arrested to face justice.

2) Uninterrupted Power supply in Federal Universities and Federal Teaching Hospitals.

3) Power Revolution through investment in Solar Systems and Wind Turbines.

4) Implementation of the Orosanye Report to cut cost of governance.

5) Introduction of Hourly Rate Salary Structure as opposed to Monthly Rate Salary Structure and the criminalization of non-payment of workers by both public and private institutions.

6) Introduction of Football and Basketball Leagues in all the States of the Federation through partnership with state governments, to provide employment and for development of talents in those field of sports.

7) Traditional Rulers will be legally recognized as part of a level of government with constitutionally recognized functions.

8] Our Policing System will be restructured into Federal, State and Local Government Police.

The document is a realistic one with most things in it very achievable and expected to be funded by either the Private Sector or through a Public Private Partnership which removes, to an extent, the question of funding.

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