Police Raid, Demolish Drug Cartels In Sapele


By Valerie Oyibo-Itie

Police raid drug Cartels in Sapele town, chased out criminal elements and demolished structures to forstal further use of structures for criminal activities.

The team of Police led by the Divisional Police Officer(DPO), CSP Robinson Nwabuisi, Storm the cartels together with local Vigilantee groups on Saturday 7 May.

On sighting the team of Police, criminal elements at the cartels took to their heels such that, no arrest could be made.

Speaking with the press at the raid, CSP Nwabuisi said the police got wind of the activities of these cartels by good spirited individuals and came to stop their activities.

Nwabuisi noted that all types of illicit drugs is being sold and taken at the cartel and the locations are not accessible with vehicles but by foot.

Surprisingly also, one of the cartel called Pedro Cartel” located at Commercial Avenue, Sapele, had been a perpetual hiding place for drug addicts, is at the heart of an area in the town known as “Urban Areas” with residential houses around the cartel.

Nwabuisi advised residents to always report criminal dens such as these cartel because it is not a good training ground for their children.

The police team demolished all make shift structures used in building the cartels.

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