Sapele Community Jubilates Over Electricity Restoration 3yrs After

Electricity Workers

By Valerie Oyibo-Itie

It was jubilation galore at Oton Community in Sapele as electricity was restored to them after three years of blackout.

Residents of the community came out spontaneously to celebrate this feat when they suddenly saw the restoration of light.

Many took to dancing along the major street at Oton Village and others choose to pour fashion powder on their head and neck, a traditional way of expressing joy.

Mrs Juliet Okpako, a fish trader was full of joy when interviewed. 

She said her business had been relying on generator to power her fridges which make her to sell her wares at a higher price compare to what is being sold at Sapele metropolis.

Mrs. Okpako added that with the restoration of electricity, she can now afford to sell at the the same price with fish traders in Sapele metropolis.

Mr. Obehi Okodede, a resident at Oton Community said life had been hell at the community for the pass three year economic-wise because cost of perishable food items are sold at very high price.

Obehi said most times he had to buy his foodstuff from Sapele main town but no matter the quantity you buy, you still have to buy from the community at one time or the other. 

He opined that with the restoration of light in the community, one thing he hope will be normalize is the prices of food items.

Many residents interviewed were full of praise to the State government for restoring power to them after three years, they said it is an answer to their prayers.

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