Sapele Resident Blames Insecurity On Youths Restiveness, Unemployment


By Endurance Ikanone

As the need to curb and proffer lasting solution to the problem of incessant killings in Sapele takes the center stage, Mr Christopher Anthony have ascribed the recent killings in Sapele Local Government to be the result of youth restiveness and unemployment, he has therefore called for a major concern of all stakeholders In Sapele.

Mr Christopher Anthony made this known to News Desk Paper on Friday 3rd of June 2022 at his residence.

Speaking accordingly, he said that “urban population has grown, but urban jobs are not available to meet the increase in the population and he believes that fighting unemployment is the key to ending insecurity in the town.

Several factors account for Insecurity, but when you have growing unemployment in the society, where people are neither able to fend for themselves and neither do they have a source of likelihood, there is always the tendency that they will go into crime and that is why the crime rate has become very high.

In continuation, he said everybody’s must try to work hard to pull people out of unemployment and poverty.

At the moment, we are very worried about the high rate of killings in Sapele, and it is much higher amongst the youths. We must ensure that we begin to design policies and programme that would continually engaged our youths.

There is need for sensitization and awareness creating amongst youths.

I am appealing to all youths in Sapele to give peace a chance, and drop arms, he added.

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