SEEPCO: Peaceful Shutting-down Of Facilities To Begin 28th Dec, 2022

Sterling Oil Exploration and Production Co. Ltd

This is to inform the general public and all sons and daughters of Ndokwa Nation that from 28th December, 2022 there will be a “Peaceful Shut-down” of all Sterling Operational ground across Ndokwa Land.

The Indian owned Company by Sandesera Nittin, who is Represented by the Base Mgr Mr. Devendra Singh and their cohorts have failed to keep to all Agreement it swore to Uphold mentioning DPR law, Env.Laws,Oil /Gas Laws e.t.c, how worse is but to mention that they do so with their shinny teeth, because they know & believe in their In-Man, to the detriment of others. The Company, Ministry of Oil & Gas team, as well as myself and son all reached an agreement dated 5th September, 2022 at the Office of the HON.Commissoners office) to which he directed that my compensation, plus Trauma & irreplaceable loss be settled monetary figure in hundreds of millions, as well they agreed to give me 2-permanent contracts, and some job slots and they agreed, asked me to withdraw the matter to which I as well did.

“Our land has been desecrated with oil spillage, you can’t even plant anything anymore or even do burial because if you dig the ground to lay your deceased den u’ll surely meet the soaked oil due to spillage…

According to one of the chiefs whose house was build in the year 1991 at that time no pipeline was laid across. Only for him to be informed that sterling has laid pipeline across his compound there by damaging his building till date no compensation, even the Oil-spill caused by too much pressure leading to a leakage has not been attended to.

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We will therefore be commencing “Our Peaceful Shut-down till our demands are met. We are saying No to Sterling asking us to Consume Polluted water from now till 15th January, 2023 while they keep flowing the same Crude!!! This Indian owned Company have always rely on the excort who move with them, but unfortunately today we are saying No to their command We Say No !!!
We can only say a Yes to waiting till 15th Jan 2023 if they say a Yes to our “Peaceful “Shutting-down” dated 28th Dec, 2023 so it can be even!
My fellow Ndokwan’s, funny enough non of Our Politicians who should at least be concerned with our “HEALTH” because we were taught, we read, and we know that “HEALTH IS WEALTH” seem to be responding… Doesn’t that seem awkward?
Our humble appeal goes to our Securities on ground as well the State and Federal Govt to know that our move shall only be towards a “PEACEFUL SHUTTING-DOWN” of all SEEPCO Businesses in NDOKWA Land because we have waited 15-Years Already & we say “NO TO DRINKING POLLUTED WATER FOR ADDITIONAL ONE MONTH!!! We very well know all their facilities, and shall be going there with an Expert in the Field to handle the Process….. Also, we want Sterling to know that by the Third day of the Shut-down, we shall then improve our action by ensuring “that all Indians in Ndokwa Land” are sent out completely.”

Chief G.E Ikwuobodo.
For: Concerned Citizens of Ndokwa Land.