Selling Presidential Jet Is Not The Issue Ejikeme Tells Atiku


The President and founder of Eloson Technology, Ejikeme Augustine Eloka has told the former vice president Atiku Abubakar that advising the government to sell the presidential jets to fund the 2020 budget is not the issue but lack of good governance, management and rule of law.

In a statement forwarded to News Desk on Friday, Ejikeme advice the former vice president to use his influence to educate the government on management and the urgent need to reduce cost of governance in the country.

“After we sell the presidential jets and use it to pay salary what next” Ejikeme Augustine Eloka asked. Those jets are not the problem of Nigeria but bad governance, heavy recurrent expenditure and corruption.

Recently the federal government claimed it spend N679 million in school feeding program during lock down on daily bases, Even if all the jets in our presidential fleet are sold the money will be looted.

Government mismanagement is beyond those jets, if we are serious to getting this country financially on track we need to look into our recurrent expenditure items especially the payroll of the political class and over populated unproductive civil service Ejikeme Augustine Eloka said.

Ejikeme Augustine Eloka
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