Stray Bullet: How Long? By Ralph Omale


Yesterday we condemn killings. Today we condemn killings. Tomorrow we condemn killings. Next tomorrow we condemn killings. Day after next tomorrow we will condemn yet another killings.

It look like killing has become part of our human existence just like life itself is. It look like killings is been legalize in Nigeria. After every killing, the army will come out to tell us that they have raided their hide out and so and so number of terrorists have been killed in the raid.

Where in other countries will 43 people be killed and the president will not come out to address his Nations and show solidarity, sympathy and empathy with the victims? Two people cannot die in United States of America and president Trump will not come out to console the name.

Just yesterday, the chief of army staff through his spokes person came out to say that they have killed about 6 terrorist in the raid they carried out after the terrorist have killed about 43 people according to Nigeria news figure but the OAU said the number of people killed was more 110 people.

Are they shielding the terrorists? Why should the army wait until they have killed people before they will go and raid the hideout? Are they proactive or reactive? Buhari have come out to condemn the killing like he has always done since 2015 that he became the president not in person but still through an uncordinated spoke person who even blame the victims for not getting army clearance before resuming farming.

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Isn’t this appalling? Who take clearance before going to farm in Nigeria? When have they started the clearance thing? Even though there is anything as such, is that what a human being is supposed to say in the face of calamity of this magnitude when the bereaved are still grieving for the lost of their brothers and sisters?

If Garba Shehu’s children was among those people killed, will he say that? I have said it before Buhari is not in tune with what is happening or that what our Madam, Oby Ezekwesili said is very correct about him.

He should be examine. In a saner climes, more has to be done. In a saner climes, there must operation heads must roll and it wouldn’t spare the service chiefs because we can’t keep condemning forever.

Written by Ralph Omale a public affairs analyst.