Suicide: Unglorified Death By Ralph Omale


Do you not know that your are God’s temple and God’s spirit dwells in you? If anyone destroy God’s temple, God will destroy him for God’s temple is holy and you are that temple 1corinthians 3 verse 16 and 17.

The grave though, a fine and private place
But none, I think do there embrace by Andre Marvel in his poem “to his coy mistress”.

It is appointed unto man once to die and after it, is judgement.

Just like every season under the sun, there is a time to be born and there is time to die but how we die mostly needs to be decided by God and not man.

Many deaths in the world today are deaths resulting from suicides. Hardly, will a week or so passed by without hearing a news about the death of a known friend as a result of suicide.

It is quite disheartening too, to have someone getting to the zenith of his life ambition and suddenly turnaround to take his own life without putting into considerations the pains of his love ones.

Just on the eve of Christmas celebration, a young man whose wedding celebration was to take place on Saturday been on 26 -12- 2020 took his life in Abuja, Nigeria.

The report filtered in the early morning of Christmas day celebration that his body was found dangling between a rope and a wooden plank attached to the roof of his house in his room like an iroko tree hit by a massive wind.

The investigation reveal that he has been exhibiting a sober and strange behavior prior to that incident.

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The rate of suicide in the world is quite alarming and if something is not done urgently in order to arrest the trend, many young people will join the bandwagon because they feel that, grave is the only place where they can find solace.

Although, the cause of suicide has been majorly attributed to “depression” arising from numerous challenges of life such as: economic, social and finances, it is still not a justification to take one’s own life.

We should always be cautious of the fact that life is not a bed of rose outside anyone.

Every human being on the surface of this earth have one or two challenges they face.

Your own challenges might even be tiny as a tiniest grey of sand compare to what others face in life. If you ever think that life is a merry go round anywhere, that means, you have not come to the world yet.

The book of job admonished us that “man born of a woman” is full of evil And his days are like grass of the field.

If you ever face any challenges again in life, have it at the back that there are people who still look up and wishes every day that they be like you. To such people, you are role model.

If you ever feel downcast again, look for a friend to confide in and share your situation with, the person may be able to talk you out of that crazy depression that will almost want you to contemplate suicide.

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If you ever feel that way again, take a walk around the whole city, admire the beautiful buildings and flowers all around the cities. Who knows _it may cure that depression that want you to take your precious life.

To our government, it is not easy to have graduated from school and still be unemployed after five years of graduation. That alone can cause depression. It makes you feel useless and worthless after been invested in by your struggling parents to sponsor you through school.

The government should provide jobs.

In all, there is no moral, economic, social or financial justification to take your own life.

The anchor Bible passage told us that “our body is a temple of God and that God will destroy anyone who destroy our bodies. If God value us that much to the extent of promising to deal with whoever try to destroy our bodies, why should we be the one to destroy our own bodies?

Whenever you feel like taking your own life again, think about what Andre Marvel said about the world beyond. He said ” although the grave is a fine and private place, it is a place where no one will love to go”.

My heart goes to the family of those who took their own lives ignorantly and may God forgive their shortcomings.

I wish you all merry Christmas and a prosperous new year.

STRAY BULLET From Ralphomale.