The Cemetery Of Potential By Matthew C. John



Potential is of no value if the present and future generation is not impacted. Legacy lives on in people and not in things. The Barton of potential must be passed daily because values are measured by succession, and success without proper succession is failure.  Men and women with great potential through the ages have been assessed on the merit of the state of their achievement after they are gone.  

In a world where success mumbo jumbo has motivated the global village of humanity to the brink of complacency, this book is a flash light and insight to the human psyche towards success. The cemetery of potential is a literal term that describes the minimization and disruption of potential in the top notch of success.

The reality of the death of potential in the cemetery of success is the fact that the mentality of success being a destination, and the confusion between achievements and fulfillment has affected and unbrisked the human potential from reaching its maximum peak.

This book is not a book about success, but a guide on how to maximize your potential and live beyond success.Powerful Topics Include:Understanding potential and success

The perils of potential

Why potential is never enough

Why most successful people die potentially filled

Understanding personal achievement from fulfillment

How to pull out your potential from the cemetery of success

How to do more than what you have done

How to live a life beyond success

How to die successfully without any potential untapped.

Matthew C. John has given us a tool that will cause tremendous changes in our social, political, economic, spiritual, marital, business, leadership and cultural environments.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Matthew C. John is a motivational speaker, teacher, and educator. He is a songwriter, composer and singer.M.C John is the founding chairman of Elanmat Int’l Services, Motivational Force and Mind’s Touch Moment.

He is a laboratory technologist kingdom philosopher and people development expert.  The center of his message is to impact the gifted, and equip individuals until they are fully fulfilled.

He believes in the kingdom of God as a kingdom of freedom citizens.M.C John has written so many books to his credit. He has sang hit songs and touched millions of lives through his books and powerful teachings. He is one teacher, you can’t stop listening to.


The book “THE CEMETERY OF SUCCESS” by Matthew C. john is a book based on the important topic that we need for potential maximization and success management.
Can we achieve success without realizing our true potential?
Is success the final destination for any person? Is the potential of a person and success related to each other?
How can you discover your true potential? What’s the strategy for discovering your potential? Are we killing our potential after success?
Such topics are brilliantly explained in this book in an enhanced manner, and in a very simple language, which even a layman can easily understand. This book is indeed a life transforming book.

                                                                                                                 PINKY GOYAL{MBA}

This book is so great. It was so amazing to read. Wow! It’s so inspiring and motivating. I’m so happy with the author of this book. Indeed, Matthew C. John is an amazing writer. I am so proud of him, and pray that, he’s success will continue to spread beyond boundaries.

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To be honest—– the book “THE CEMETERY OF POTENTIAL” has really helped me in understanding the true definition of success, which is hidden when we don’t realize our potential. I have read a few of M C. John’s books but this book” The cemetery of potential’’ has really caught my eyes and transformed my mind. I can say— it has really blessed me more than I can say or express. And also it has proven to me that there is a life beyond the success we think of everyday. There is a liveliness in every pages of this book, so therefore I recommend this book to others, because, this book is like a doorway and passage towards finding your true self. It is like a perfect key to a soul—- just dive into this book and unleash the best you were meant to be, both financially, spiritually, emotionally and physically— be blessed.

Everybody desires to be successful and live a life of impact and fulfill destiny, but your potential, skills and talents are catalyst to living a fulfilled life.
This book “THE CEMETRY OF POTENTIAL” will help you towards discovering your true identity, potential, and skills. I therefore encourage everyone who desires to succeed and fulfill purpose to read it
(Living Faith Church)
“THE CEMETERY OF POTENTIAL” is indeed a book among books. It is one of the most inspiring book, that I have ever read on success management. Someone who wants to live and fulfill his potential, must read this book, because it will help you to know your talent and identify what is best for you. You will start chasing more opportunities, after reading this book.
I know M C. John as a professional writer of many books. The teaching in his books have greater value than silver, gold and money. Through the wisdom of divinity, he was inspired to dispense this noble book, which can never be reclusive from this present generation and the ones unborn. He is young man who respect people’s dreams, and see to it that their dreams are not buried unfulfilled or manipulated by dark powers. The center of his message is to equip individuals until they are fully fulfilled. M c. John is a young man that will never encourage great dreams to be depreciated by evil men. He sees your potential to be a place where treasures, riches and wealth exist. Those who follow his teachings will see amazing things and have no iota of regrets.
The professor of kingdom philosophy
and author of
“understanding why people serve money”

Do you want to discover a life beyond success? “The cemetery of potential’’ is filled with educative and empowering words of strength and courage that will inspire you to trust that there’s always more to do even if you have arrived in fulfilling your dreams in life. This book is written in a simple language that can be understood by all.
This book will guide and help you in living your greatest life beyond success.

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The object of this book is majorly to ginger one to continue being successful and to do away with the “ I have made it” or I have arrived mentality. The writer encourages us to continue to achieve greater success and be fulfilled in life as success is not stagnant but continuous.
I will conclude by saying that this book is a “must read” and I recommend it to professionals businessmen, those in academics, students, parents, guardians, government officials and other organized groups.
Legal practitioner,
Gloryland Chambers,
Delta state Nigeria
The word potential is indeed a viral word especially, in physics, it has to do with the difference in voltage between two points in an electric circuit. In advanced physics a gravitational potential is a radical (static) a component of gravitational field also known as Newtonian or Newton, but however, Matthew has really done a great work by bringing to our understanding the redefinition of potential, as it relates to our individual capacities.
This book is really an eye opener for those who wish to maximize their potential and live a life beyond success. If you’ve not read the cemetery of potential, then you are really missing out.

                                                                                                                  Engr. God’s power  I. Okwuelum
                                                                                                                  Managing Director of
                                                                                                                  Donpower  Company Nig. Ltd
                                                                                                                  Lagos State. Nigeria.

If you must advance in life and fulfill your God’s given potential you need to read “ The cemetery of potential” where potentials are buried untapped because of success. This book will guide you properly the way to go. Business leaders whose business is not going in the direction they desired, need this book for an awakening.
CEO of Eloson technology and . News desk Newspapers

A potentially rich person is not only able to do great exploits for themselves in terms of accumulation of possessions, power, prestige and perks which is some great success but must also be able to speed past success having in mind that there is a life afterwards.
The writer, has been able to send a message across to the world in his book “THE CEMETRY OF POTENTIAL” which I recommend, as a must-read for everyone with great potential”
CEO, Oasis of Eagles Nig. Ltd
Edo state Nigeria

The word potential can be expressively explained as the hidden success that you haven’t achieved.
It is not just what you have done, but also, what you are yet to do.
Therefore, this book on “The Cemetery Of Potential “ have really educated us about potential , both spiritually and physically. Meaning that there are some of God’s potentials that are within us whether we believe it or not.
The Lord God formed us and He said before we were born he already knew us.
So this book will teach us great lessons on potential efficiency. It is a very nice book to study and gain much . Thanks as you read.

                                                                                                                MRS  ESEAGWU  BLESSING  
                                                                                                                 Educationist (B.Ed)
                                                                                                                 Delta State, Nigeria

It is an honor and privilege to read this book, it is a must read for any one confusing achievement with fulfillment and for those that wants to live beyond success.
Achievement is not just enough, one need to live out his/her potential. Never limit yourself. Your potential is immeasurable.
Do not dwell on your present glory and achievements, there are more to achieve and fulfill.
As you read through the book “THE CEMETERY OF POTENTIAL, I pray that it opens your eye to discover how to live beyond success.

                                                                                                                         MRS. CHUKWU PRECIOUS
                                                                                                                         Enugu State, Nigeria

In a culture where people have confused achievement with personal fulfillment, and accomplishment with satisfaction, “THE CEMETRY OF POTENTIAL” is an antidote for overcoming such confusions. It is a “must-read” book, if we really want to overcome limitation and reach out to our goals. In other for us to have a worthy footprint on the planet that others can emulate, we have to read this book and apply every principles in it. This book will also help us never to chase after shadows and disappoint God our maker.

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John C. Matthew in his depicted way of writing was explicit by making us to realize how substantial it is, not to be stucked in the fewer successes we’ve made, but to continually engrossed in finding more of our potentials, developing and actualizing more of our potentials. The palpitating feelings I got while anticipating for more insights and intriguing outcome of “THE CEMETRERY OF POTENTIAL” is indeed a sight to behold. A listless person needs this book to come alive. And, lets also remember that our potentials become desuetude the moment we see success as an end point.
International singer, motivational
Speaker and Author.
Edo state
Matthew is a lad with a commendable zest to make a mark in both the intellectual and inspirational parlance. This book is a motivational and incisive, with a blend of the Christian scripture. Matthew is a budding writer who will definitely blossom.
Lecturer in Desomatech
Globally, more than half of the world populace see success as a fulfillment. Whenever, great achievement is recorded, there is always a misinterpretation, taking success for fulfillment.
Remarkably, many people are counting on their past achievements instead of pressing on to do more, with their potential. Success has the ability to destroy or render potential useless.
“THE CEMETERY OF POTENTIAL” is a unique, motivational, and inspirational book. Looking at the contents critically, one will see the book as classical and capable of changing our value system and transforming our lives.
Matthew c. John is a great young man with i-can-do spirit. How I wish you go through this book and see things yourself.
Educationist and Author
Of “The virtues of life”
Delta state Nigeria

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