The Game Of Politics in Nigeria by M.C John


There is a popular saying in Nigeria that goes this way” in politics, you don’t have a friend”.

What does this statement mean? It means that in Nigeria, politics is a game, and in that game, you don’t have a friend, until that game is over.

Do you see the reason why I said politics in Nigeria is different entirely from what true leadership is all about?

Politics is a game that all politicians must play very well in other to win their way to leadership. Leadership is a name that true leaders must earn to retain credibilities and expand their influence.

In the game of politics you will find selfish leaders, in the game of leadership you will find selfless leaders.

Today in Nigeria, most people manipulate their way into leadership without a good leadership culture, orientation and strong moral ethics.

They don’t care about the principles of character but cares about the power of money and fame.

Most of them who gets into leadership through the game of politics ends up becoming a mess to the nation and the people they were meant to rule.

In Nigeria the game of politics have become so predominant that, the so called political leaders have become so fatuous, inhuman and fastidious when it comes to the issue of money and power.

You see them play the game well, earn the game but never make a good name like Good luck Jonathan and Nelson Mandela.

Now let’s take a look at the distinction between a politician and a true leader.

  1. A politician is after a fame — A leader is after a name.
  2. A politician exalts himself — A leader exalts his people.
  3. A politician is selfish — A leader is selfless.
  4. A politician lacks character and self control— A leader have true character and self discipline.
  5. A leader’s assets is the people — A politician’s assets is wealth and riches.
  6. A politician says I don’t care who gets hurt — A leader says I care about the lives of my people.
  7. A leader says to his followers “WE CAN” — A politician says to his followers ” I CAN”.
  8. A politician makes so many promises and fulfill none, but a leader only makes few promises and fulfills them all.
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God bless Nigeria 🇳🇬