The Mind Of The Less Privilege Person In The Society Of Nigeria


The Leaders of Federal Republic of Nigeria

My Leaders Sir,

I am Mr. RICHARD IYEYE, a Deltan; this issue worries my mind for long hence this writeup.

Please I want to remind you of some necessary things, which you know more of, Nigeria is a blessed nation full of life sustaining resources, the companies, explore with their foreign experts, and some Citizens also employed. Our government also fixes some top workers to oversee our own progress. Nevertheless, in the land, many are left starving and tattered. I ask a question who is a Nigerian.

I can remember in 1960 Nigeria first celebrated her freedom from the Colonial masters, Later on 1972/73 they introduced I.Y.Y (meaning International Youth year), which is our Children’s day being celebrated every year. Within 70s too we have the international year for the disable. Even until date, we have so many to celebrate such as Cancer Day, Malaria Day, fallen heroes Day, workers day and the rest so numerous to count. Today in our country Nigeria, Democracy is ruling but who are the Democrats?, it is too poor for one to live by the Chrystal River yet seeking for water to clean the face, what abomination. Real, it is painful that the government can remember the dead, celebrate the workers Day and the infectious disease day. Nevertheless, what about a special Day for the less privilege in the society?

I am tired in mind like the small mortal that has no mouth to speak yet it has fed up of the situation. Check well, it is a great omission or a cheat to the less privilege because during election the federal government wants everyone to line up in the sun to vote and after voting into victory, the less privilege are forgotten, the employment are for special people, opportune to enjoy the evidence of Nigeria and democracy. Take example from the government Staff, they can borrow from the government to pay back. Empowerment may come but it is not for everybody, then are we all Nigerian for LABOUR alone? How long shall the less privilege in the society suffer this NEGLECT? In our own Country Nigeria. I am appealing now that Federal Government should look into the calendar and choose a date to Celebrate the net workers, or less privilege people in the country for we all makes up the democrat and generate revenue into the country’s treasure. Let us reason the action of N.L.C whenever their demand is delayed or refused by government; how much more the people they left worthless in the motherland NIGERIA. Let the government be mindful of the unemployed too for they are not useless to the society, so good enough during population Census, every living persons are counted, therefore the poor should not be deprived of his right or dividend, let them be made happy by sparing a day for them, for the living are more important than the dead or mosquitoes and other diseases.

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I wish this note would create good impact in the government mind. Let God divinely bless our government as they consider this write up truth and fact, Amen.