The Reward Of The Wicked – Comr. M.O Eloka

Comr M.O Eloka
Comr M.O Eloka

Man’s wickedness comes out from Gods own activist what he voiced out. Man is condemned by his utterances, God offers us comforts, but we still reject it, man drinks evil as water. This shows that man is very corrupt, so far you refuse to change for good and evil deeds. 

Any evil and wicked man, who oppresses others will be in torment as long as he lives. Voices of terror will scream in his ears. Robbers will attack him when he thinks he is safe.  He has no hope of escaping from darkness. From some where a sword is waiting to kill him.

He knows his future is dark, disaster is waiting to attack him. That is the fate of the evil and wicked man whose action is oppressing and killing the poor in our society. God will send war and uprising to bad leaders, to destroy all their hopes. He must not remain rich forever, to test the evil he had planted to others, when he is throne.

Very soon he will lose his shadow, nothing he owns remains even his own children will face the evil their father caused to the people Jeremiah 17:9-11. The leaders will return back to darkness, where he started. If He is foolish enough to trust in evil, then evil will be his reward. Before his time is up he will wither and never be green again.

They will be no descendants for ungodly men.. Fire will destroy houses built by bribery and corruption. These are the rewards of those who plan trouble’s and do evil, for the heart of the wicked is full of deceit.  This lines are for the wise change from his evil ways.

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Because our God is no respecter of any human beings. The reward for evil is evil, for good is good, choose the best you want Deut. 30:1-end. Because what we see in the world is no democracy. But kill and wack show.