The Tears of Injustice By M C John


We saw but we couldn’t believe it, that the leaders we appointed to lead us neglected our Rights as citizens.

The people that begged us to vote for them, neglected our voice and gave us tears of injustice.

The same leaders that promised us unity, peace and progress are the same leaders who are oppressing us and killing the pride and glory of our Nation, Nigeria.

We have cried but no more tears to share. We have waited for a change but end up in chains. We came out for peace, but they tore us to pieces because of the greed for power and money. They trample on our Rights and tell us that might is right. If your name is not in the hall of fame they will say jail him.

But if your name is in the hall of fame they will say bail him. When will there be justice for all these injustice? And when will the hearts of the abused and the oppressed feel at peace? And when are we going to call this great nation, Nigeria, ” a home again”?. God bless Nigeria and guide our leaders right.

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