The Untold Truths About Imprisonment By MC John


“The freedom of living is impossible without the knowledge of the truth”


You can never value freedom until you’ve tasted the burning flames of imprisonment

Have you ever found yourself in a wilderness where you’ve been denied of rights to liberty? You have great ideas and potentials, but no freedom to fulfill them? You have songs, but no opportunity to release them? You have books but you can’t write them?

You desire freedom, but instead you keep getting oppressions, afflictions and depressions in return. You feel restricted, limited and unauthorized to do what you love the most, that gives you the most joys in life. You feel intimidated by culture, manipulated by humans and discriminated by your race, but you can’t just say anything or even do anything about it.

You are oppressed, but you cannot express it. You are downcast, but you can’t just forecast it. You feel drowned within the ocean of bondage, you feel good outside, but feels bad inside. Nothing more, nothing less. No hope – no future, no retreat from maltreat. It’s like your life has just been put in a scale of in-balance. Death’s thought awakens your consciousness for an eternal glory. You feel your sufferings are just too much to bear; you’ve surrendered the hope for living.

No more desire for the glory of the future or any hope for the arrival of freedom.

– To those in the prison yards, “who felt that death is more better than slavery. They conclude by saying that, death is the only way to be totally free from imprisonment.

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– To those in the prison yard of ignorance, who feels confused, frustrated and oppressed within their minds

– To those held captive by the powers of darkness, they have lost the will and the power to control their minds

– To those in the hospitals, who are held captive by the inflicting pains of imprisonment through sickness.

– To those who have been neuro-mentally disordered, who are afflicted and tormented with the flames of imprisonment through madness.

Whenever I looked at a mad person on the street I always visualize a victim who has been held hostage by evil powers. A mad person is not the one without a spirit; a mad person is the one with a damaged and a dominated mentality. That’s why they refer to them as mentally disordered people. They have been imprisoned within their minds. No awareness to the reality of things. They see people walking around, but they don’t just know why they are moving. Their instinct tells them, that, they are the only real people in the world, that other are abnormal, people.

Now if you’ve been through or going through any of this predicaments, then I think you are in a better position to decode what imprisonment is all about. To begin with, let’s go down to the nitty-gritty of imprisonment.

Longtime ago I had an experience with an ex-convict who sincerely told me something fascinating about imprisonment.  


In his statement he said that imprisonment is one of the things that get prisoners exasperated. They feel annoyed within their innermost being, but can’t just do anything to help the situation. He also said that there is no ecstasy for static prisoners. Most prisoners are lost of their will power; they always contrive to accomplish their master’s needs. One of the natures of imprisonment is that it leaves the prisoner or slave in mentally brutalized condition with a broken body and spiritually ruins the individual’s dignity.

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May you be free from any form of Imprisonment. God bless Nigeria.