The Victims of Imprisonment By M.C John


There is no doubt to the fact that imprisonment has become so massive in our world today. People live without the full knowledge of why they are been oppressed.

They wonder why they feel trapped in the midst of their circumstances. Deep within every individual lies the burning desire for true freedom in life.

The major concept of imprisonment has been misunderstood to be the misconceptions of freedom. So many people all over the world are been intimidated by ignorance, manipulated by dark powers, and discriminated by the content of their status.

People feel afflicted, oppressed and intimidated by their fellow humans, but can’t just say anything about it.

People become victims of oppression, slavery, captivity due to religious errors, traditional ideologies and ungodly cultures and immoralities, even most circular jobs have become what people endures to do and not what they enjoy doing.

Even most churches, mosques, hospitals, and colleges has also become more or less like a prison houses where people are been held captive and imprisoned.

The struggle for freedom continues due to inadequate understanding of imprisonment and it’s tragic consequences.

Today, in our world, there are so many:

  1. Citizens who are been oppressed by their own governments
  2. Imprisoned prostitutes who are destitutes
  3. Criminals who are in governmental positions in disguise
  4. Drug addicts who can’t live without drugs
  5. Children who are been maltreated, abused and imprisoned by their non-biological parents.
  6. Youths who are confused depressed and frustrated in life.
  7. Marriages where women are disvalued, abused, oppressed, dishonoured and imprisoned
  8. Jobs were workers are been given much labours than much earnings
  9. Hospitals were patients are been kept in hostility without any medical attention and sympathy
  10. Politicians who are been imprisoned by their greed for money and power
  11. Pastors who doesn’t want their members and followers to grow above them
  12. Rapists who have taken away the pride of the nobles
  13. Murderers who have taken away the lives of their fellow humans.
  14. Christians who have been misled by religion
  15. Religion were people are held captive and conformed to erroneous teachings
  16. Parents who have held their children bound by their own selfish ideologies
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You see, I don’t mean to sound very offensive here, but, I think it’s good to be very strict when it comes to the issue of imprisonment. The truth is that, “IMPRISONMENT has become one topic that many religious leaders and government, has really failed to teach their people about, why? because many of the so called leaders of the people have become the oppressors of the people.

Law practitioners in their own wealth of knowledge has limited the capacity and nature of imprisonment to be nothing more than an expressive term used in describing the state to which prisoners are confined to. they view imprisonment as a punishment conferred on the guilty and the offenders – (Luke 11;52)