Tips To Grow Followers On Instagram


In recent time, Instagram has becomes one of the most popular social network on the globe hence the audiences on Instagram are vast. The differences in interest of people on Instagram cannot be overemphasized because in as much as many people are on Instagram not everybody know how to use it.

We know that Instagram platform is ALL about photos and less text on the comment section as the photo caption therefore, to get the attention of your followers you need a sincere photo that is close to your intention of the message you are trying to pass across.

To grow followers on Instagram is quit cumbersome as only interested users can follow you base on their interest in your services you render or the kind of post you make. Some user follow you to be follow back of which if you didn’t then the unfollow button is not far from them.

For you to grow rapid followers depends on the kinds of candid photos, relatable text caption, post frequently on stories, tag friends, add hash (#) tags.

Posting frequently on stories makes it possible for your photo to display in anybody’s account because stories are respecter of nobody, it can appear on anybody account whether they are your followers or not making it possible for them to follow you if interested. Note that story photo is your daily disposition, how you feel that day and/or your activities for that day.

When you caption is related to your photos, it makes it real and attract engagement because the purpose you make the post I believe is to get engagement. Add short related caption to the photo rather than just on photo.

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When you tag friends to your post, a notification will be sent to them that a follower mentioned them which will propel them to see your post which could make them to follower you or get engagement like “like” or “comment”. They might also repost your post making you to go viral right?

Adding hash (#) tag too is very important as it makes your post to appear on trending stories and can be seen by thousands of people interested in that particular trends. However add # tag according to the purpose of the post, for instance if you post about love then possible # tag is #love, #beauty, #loveday; something of this nature related to love.

Post at the right time. Before you post your photo to Instagram, there are two things to keep in mind: your audience’s time zone and what time they’re most often checking Instagram.

Host a contest on Instagram: Hosting a contest is often the most effective way to boost engagement and get the followers fast on any social network. Since Instagram has grown in popularity, it makes it one of the best social platforms to run a contest.

Share candid shots: Think of your brand’s Instagram account as your followers’ backstage pass, or a behind-the-scenes look, at the inner workings of the same highly polished images your brand uses for adverts, they want to see images that are more relatable and less edited.

Ask your users for help: If it’s a goal of your brand’s to get on Instagram’s most popular “Explore” page, and you have enough followers to do so, don’t be afraid to ask in the photo caption section of your next uploaded photo. Ask and often you shall receive!

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Urgent reply: Replying quick to your audience on Instagram platform is what makes it most fun and sincere. You could reply DM (Direct Message) and comments ASAP give a good impression and trust to your followers. It makes them to continually engagement your posts because they know you will reply urgently. Especially as a brand this is very important as it will help you sell more and have more patronage.

Most of these tips is applicable to Twitter as it deal with followers and engagements.

And the most IMPORTANT of all TAG a FRIEND to this posts. Have a great day.