Training A child To Societal Standards


In a true African man’s mind set, it is a purely the duty of the mother’s to bring up the children’s moral Standards.

Majority of our men do believe that when a child misbehaves, it is the mother’s fault but whenever the child get it right, it is then for the mother and the father.

In nurturing a child to societal standard, it is the solemn responsibility of both parents.

There is a duty of the father’s and there is a duty of the mother’s. Always do the right thing as the man of the house, do the fatherly duties and take up your fatherly responsibilities in nurturing them rightly.

As a mother, do your motherly duties and take up your full responsibilities in nurturing them rightly.

If any of the nurturing misses, the child won’t be completely on the moral standard of the society today.

Remember, it is not about providing what the child needs, you have to teach him/her what to do and what not to do. Teach your male children that rape is a very big sin before man and God.

Teach your female child that indecent dressing is not good, teach her how to live in this misferious world of ours today.

At last, if you train your child well. The society will be proud of you. God our MAKER will also be proud of you.

Thanks and do have a lovely day

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