Ukraine: You’re Acting Like Bandits – Russia Tells US, Others 


Russia has said that the West was behaving like a bandit by imposing sanctions and cutting economic relations over the conflict in Ukraine.

However, Russia said it was far too big to be isolated, insisting that the world was much larger than just the United States and its allies.

Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov told reporters on Saturday that the United States of America and the rest of the West were engaged in “economic banditry” against Russia and that Moscow would respond.

He did not, however, specify what response there would be but said it would be in line with Russian interests.

As you understand, there must be a corresponding response to economic banditry,” Peskov said.

“This does not mean Russia is isolated.

“The world is too big for Europe and America to isolate a country, and even more so a country as big as Russia. There are many more countries in the world,” Peskov told reporters, according to Reuters.

Speaking further, the President Putin’s spokesperson said that channels for dialogue between his country and the US still existed, while noting that any sanction on Russia’s oil and gas exports would give a considerable jolt to world energy markets.

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