Using Social Media Strategy In Enhancing Your Business


First of all, what do we understand by social as one of the key words here? The word “social” comes from the term “socialism” which simply means mixing up or interacting with people despite their gender, tribes, nationalism, age etc. Now when this word is used in alliance with media, it becomes social media and as we know, media is a plural form of medium which means channel or road to somewhere.

How social media does to enhance your business? In other words can my business improve with the use of social media? Of course, the impact of social media to businesses like yours in particular cannot be overemphasized from testimonies so far, but unfortunately many are still in ignorant of these gigantic technologies.

Social media that can be use to enhance your business include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Instagram, Vimeo, Pinterest, Telegram, Likee, etc. businesses has peculiar media that fit into it, by this I mean not all businesses that Facebook can improve  their sale compare to when it uses Instagram.

These social media platforms has different peculiar audience, that is to say, the audience that love using Facebook which is the most popular might not have or little knowledge of using Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram. In that case, you have to get the knowledge of audiences in different platforms and know those ones that will fit to boost your business.

For instance, Instagram is all about posting pictures and videos with little text in the comment section, Twitter is about 160 text post allowed with few photos and video, LinkedIn also have a specific number of text and photos with videos, on like Facebook that allow for huge numbers of texts, photos and videos, Likee and Vimeo allows only videos while Pinterest only photos. When you have the knowledge of all these will help you know the types of posts to post on that platform.

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The above paragraph are the media accepted by those platforms, their audience are also divergent, I mean people who love using these platforms are different base on interest, as most people love to use Facebook while few love using LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter. It could be that they don’t have the knowledge on how to use it or don’t even love using it at all.

Like LinedIn is more of administrators, CEOs, managers, authors, professors, and high ranking people etc in that case, you can only make posts that will fit into these class of people else you would not grow your business compare to when you use Facebook. Hence when you are launching books, recruiting or seeking for job opportunities, motivational speakers, public speakers and the rest of related post can be improve on this platform.

Instagram which is more of photos and videos on IGTV (InstaGramTV) and few of texts on the comment section, in that case photos and video lovers are highly interested in using this platform hence  will boost your businesses that deals with InfoGraphic which all your posts will either be in photo format of videos.

Facebook can accept all kinds of format ranging from large amount of text through photos and videos thus increase your visibility when you make a post which will increase your sell. WhatsApp is done through contacts, so in that case you will need to generate many WhatsApp contacts in other to get more views of your stories.

Furthermore, “reach” on social media matters a lot and what that means is that, the number of people who can see your posts each time your make a post on different platforms should be large so that more than half of them can have interest in your post to buy your products and patronize your service.

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For you to sell more on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, you must have huge number of followers, and for Linked good number of connections. Facebook has a limited number of 5000 friends so in other to break this limit is to create a Facebook page for your business which goes for millions members, so that your posts will not only be seen by your limited number of friends.

Tips to get more reach on social media

The visibilities of your posts will guarantee your sell on social media because it is when you are notice by people that they will know what you sell and the services you offer. So for different platforms to push your posts to your audience, follow the tips below:

Study your audience: What I mean here is, on each platform know the kind of people who like using that platform if they will like your products and services.

Be time conscious: When you know your audience, go further to know the time more of them do come online with that your post can get much reactions within a few time. I know someone may ask me “how do I know the time?” Good! Each platform has analytic tool use in measuring the time and reaction on each post, so with that you can study the chart and know if your posts do have many reactions in the morning, afternoon or evening and from which duration of time before it start dropping. This will help you to know when to post your products and services.

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Use clear, simple and readable sentence: Stop using grammar or unclear font style and make it bold enough that at a glance of it, users can easily see it without struggling to understand your point.

Clearly list out prices: On each product you post, list the price clearly on it to ascertain the strength of user interest.

Use clear images: Use clear, bright and good resolution images to represent your products and good resolution for videos to display your services. If you know the sizes of a photos and length of videos for different platforms will be of a better chance.

Post on stories: On like Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook stories stand a better chance for your posts to reach and view by good numbers of audience than ordinary followers because stories have respect for no one, in the sense that it can appear on anybody’s timeline.

Reply and reacts urgently: When you reply immediately to customers request either on comment section or Direct Message (DM) increases your chances to sell more. Also reacts to their comments by letting them know you appreciate their comments with “thank you”, welcome”, “I appreciate” or with an emojis or stickers etc. this will make them know you love them in return.

Give a shout out: You could sometimes give a shout out to your most customers to encourage them and for others who will also want this kind of shout out to patronize you. Tag people and share the post to their timeline too, this can also go a long way to improve your sell on social media.

Try all of these and come back to thank me.

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