We Are In A Generation Of People Who Have No Fear For God


We are in a Generation of People who Have no Fear for God or His Word..

A Generation of People That Have No Respect for Servants of God
A Generation of People that Have no Respect for Elders.

It’s a Fearful thing to Fall into the Hands of God!

When we Fall into the Hands of Men, We Call God Almighty!
When God is Against you, who would you call For Help?

Many People are Living under Curses because they Refused to tame their Tongue..

Many are Suffering today because of things they have spoken and even Forgotten!

Everywhere they go! No Solution! 

Sit down and Check your history and know what you said or done..

Moses got Married to an Ethiopian Woman. His own Elder Sister Miriam, got Angry and spoke against her Kid Brother Moses. God Almighty Appeared and Miriam became leprous. It was her kid Brother Moses who she Insulted that had to pray for Her.

When you see a Man Called by God, Labouring for the Gospel , Don’t join People to Insult them. 
You Attract Unsolvable Wahala and issues to your life and Family..

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