We Need GODEPENDENT Leaders And Not Independent Leaders By M.C John


Nigeria as a country is just too big for independent leaders to control. Nigeria needs leaders who are Godependent and not leaders who believes in their own leadership skills and experience. It takes only a leader who depend on God to restore the dignity and pride of this nation. No one can and no one will, except that leader who have great respect for God and values for human lives. It is inhuman for normal citizens to be led and ruled by abnormal and incompetent leaders. I define Leadership as influence through service which requires character to be protected, wisdom to be productive, vision to be motivated, purpose to be meaningful, people to be possible and God to be successful. Why Do We Need Godependent Leaders? 1. They are committed in serving the people than being served by the people. 2. They put the people first and put themselves second. 3. They correct errors rather than covering them. 4. They value human lives and not killing human lives. 5. They enrich the economy and not the economy enriching them. 6. They are meekand humble and not proud and rude. 7. They initiate peace by activating unity and progress instead of causing crises, conflicts and poverty. 8. They see right as might and not might as right. To crown it all, God is the chief cornerstone of every Leadership foundation. Without the Corner Stone the foundation collapses (john 15:1-5). Leadership without God is nothing, but an arena of confusions and corruptions. God help our leaders in Nigeria 🇳🇬

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