What Goes Around Comes Around By Ralph Omale


In 18/02/1977 after a neutral activist on all fronts and the late legend, Fela Kuti launched one of his music album titled “Zombies”, about 1000 unknown Nigeria soldiers were sent by the then military head of state to either ravaged his home or kill him.

I reffered to Fela Kuti as a neutral activist because, he wasn’t known to be identified or be in solidarity with any political parties or even the government of the day during his time.

Unllike our political parties activists today in Nigeria who resorted to doing activisms because, their parties are not longer in the hold of government thereby, doing it to dent the Image of any government of the day in order to sway people’s minds towards their political parties ahead of the next election.

Activisms is not done when your party has lost election. It is an in-built desires to fight the ills and bad system of any government of the day.

You don’t wait until your party is out of power before you know that the masses are suffering and start to identifying with them.
Meanwhile, you defended and justified every actions and inactions of government when your party was in power.

At this point, we give kudos to the following party clowns.
They are:

Reno Omokri,
Deji Adeyanju Femi Fani KAYODE. (A,k,a) Mr, shot fuse.

Such activists can never see anything good about the government of the day until the political parties they belong to wins election and they are recruited into public offices to satisfy their belies.

That is when you see their true colors.

Hope I’m not digressing from my subject of discussion.

Anyway, it’s a topic for another day and get back to the subject matter of the day.

The Nigerian soldiers who went to Fela’s house saw his mother, ( Fumilayo Ransomed Kuti) on the second floor of kalakuta and threw her down from there to the ground of which she later died as a result of the injuries sustained by that cruel act of the Nigerian military.

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What a cruel acts?

That was, in their own time when some of us were not even born.

It could be recalled that On 20th Oct 2020, a combination of the same Nigerian Nigerian military and other security agents were mobilized by a combination of powerful individual politicians and some elected government of the day conspired to rain bullets on innocent Nigerian youths who were protesting against #policebrutalityandbadgovernanceinnigeria as well as advocating better wages and remuneration for this same military that turned their bullets and bayonets on them at Lekki tollgate, Lagos State of Nigeria.

Let me admits here that most of these military officers and other force personnels are either illiterates who doesn’t know their Left from right or rather been beclouded by the exuberance and paraphernalia of the offices they occupies without taking into consideration that tomorrow, they will join us again as a “bloody civilian” as they normally reffered to us in the near future after retirement.

Few days ago, I watched on television the protest staged by so called Ex service men who were protesting to press home a demand of increment in their monthly pension and other emoluments and it occurred to my mind instantly, that this could those rogue who beat Fumilayo Ransome Kuti to death because her son was at loggerhead with the then government for their own sake.

These men are weak and old now. They have spent the better, agile and youthful part of their lives working for the government of the day.

Fighting ordinary masses who sometimes rises to their own defense but needing the same people they put in arms ways to even make their protest more louder than it was or speak in their defense once more because, they can’t do that much anymore.

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What an irony of life of service to ones nation?

Though some of them never wished to do it but the Nigerian arms forces disciplinary rules compelled them to do so and it beg the following questions.

Why can’t Nigeria soldiers express themselves?

Why should they have to behave like zombies as Fela said many years ago?

Have they become slave by joining the army?

These are the people who comes face to face, tent at tent with the terrorists and as such familiar with the geographical terrain of the terrorists.

I think that seeking their opinions and experience in the fight against terrorism is not any bad.

Would they do that? No, the army chiefs would not do that but carrying snakes and serpent up and down in Abuja while his boys are been beaten by snakes every day in sambisa forest.

As I write, one Mr Martin Idakpini who took courage to come out to say what the Nigerian soldiers are going in the hands of terrorists in the northern part of Nigerian is still languishing in nigerian army prison.

Another Mr, Adeniyi was said to either been dismissed or demoted of his rank for telling the true pictures of things in the northern forest called “sambisa”.

Is it a crime for a soldier to say the truth? It is not supposed to be a crime but in Nigeria, it’s almost so.

Inspite of their training, this army guys were first of all human beings before been enlisted into the military and as such, have blood running through their veins.

If death is too good to die, all the services chiefs shouldn’t be staying in Abuja. They would have all moved to sambisa forest now. But isn’t and that is why all of them go to Dubai for holidays because they know it’s almost safe there.

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Why hasn’t he relocated to sambisa forest as said by Mr president on his marching order when he was been sworn in on may 29, 2015?

Mr President in his speech on his swearing day into office had promised that all the services chiefs would move to northern Nigeria upon assumption of office but we are yet to see that coming to play after many years in office. “Audio promise”.

I want to use this medium to inform the Ex service men protesters that they should accept their condition in good fate.

It is, what goes around comes around for them.

What you are fighting now is what Fela Kuti was fighting for you then but instead of joining him in the fight, you rather fought him to massage the ego of your bosses in the offices and now, you are left to suffer.

Instead of joining Fela to fight the opresion and maladies which would have lead to a better life after retirement for you, you rather have his head rolled, killed his mother and arrested him.

And to the serving personnel both in the military and para-military, this could be a better lesson for you too. You have a better hindsight of the whole Nigerian situation now.

This is the right time for you to look away from this rigid tendencies of your working rules to free yourself from slavery by switching to a flexible mode of working condition where ideas and innovation, experience and expertise could brought on board to better tackling the security challenges bedevilling the Nigerian nation and her populace and also seek a better life after retirement.

Special new year message to Nigerian military and para-military.

From stray Bullet By Ralph Omale.

Ralph Omale