What Next Nigeria President Should Focus On – Michael Yahaya


Four key areas need urgent attention and I think that the next President of Federal Republic of Nigeria should focus on;

>Education & Health

Security: No where is safe anymore; church, mosque, farm, schools and gatherings. Therefore, this should be a top priority for any presidential candidate. Tell Nigerians the security mechanism you would like to put in place that would be better than what we have currently. What should be done differently.

With our current population of more than 200 million people and a projection of 400m people by 2050, no presidential candidate should have nothing less than 80,000MW of electricity Generation as a target with a subsequent increment plan. Nigeria has 209.5 trillion cubic feet of proven natural gas reserves as reported, hydro and sunlight to meet industrial demand. No electricity, economy collapses. Businesses can’t function effectively. Relying on generators is not sustainable in a country with over 200m people.

Agriculture: Food, food and food for sustainable healthy life among Nigerians is very important. Food provides chemical energy/nutrient which enable one to grow and live healthy. Without food, people can’t work or carry out daily activities. Currently, food in Nigeria is not sufficient. People are hungry. Farmers need to be safe in their farm. And security should be a top priority. Mechanized farming is key. There is arable land for agriculture. This should be harnessed effectively. Kaduna State alone can feed the whole country (Nigeria). Nigeria has 691234 sq. Km agricultural land in 2018, according to the World Bank Data.

Education: ASUU is on labour strike. What ASUU is demanding is less than N80bn. Quality education is key to sustainable development. Without education, forget the prosperity of any nation. My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge said the Holy Scripture.

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A healthy people is a healthy nation. The health sector needs a revamp. 7 World class hospitals should be built in the 6 Geopolitical Zones and FCT. While State Governors should build 3 world class hospitals in each senatorial zone at the state level. This can be achieved in less than 6 months in office. Subsequent plan for advancement should be implemented. Healthcare service should be made affordable to the least person in the society. A good society should be able to cater for the least.

I write to appeal to the next President to look into the above. Nigerians have suffered a lot. Good economy and governance are not expensive. People prosper more in a good economy.

2023 Electioneering campaign shouldn’t be insults or abuses but how to make Nigeria great. Stop insulting others.

Written by: Michael Yahaya.
Michael is an Energy Expert with interest in power generation for sustainable development, good governance and economy.