What They Don’t Tell You About Forex


90% Forex brokers do not trade but they want you to.

Forex will not make you rich.

No matter how u master the art of Fx trading, you must blow up your account at least once.

The best forex teachers are not the best forex traders. Dont be surprised that those who tutor you on Fx trade do not have any Fx trading account in their name.

There is always a bigger margin for losses than gain in Fx.

Forex brokers earn when u loose or gain while trading…

Forex brokers volunteers to teach you how to trade for free without a fee, but their reward is having you sign up with them and invest, every time you take a trade position they take a percentage of it through spreads.

Those who makes average success trading forex is less than 30% and these set of people are the ones who makes Fx their main source of income and not a side hustle.

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