Why Buhari Should Call Alhaji Garba Abubakar, Registrar General CAC To Order.


Why FG Should call Alhaji Garba Abubakar, registrar general corporate affairs commission CAC to order.

The Corporate Affairs Commission state office has been redered useless by him.

The state office no longer approve business, company & Incorporated trustees registration but only approval officers from any part of the country thereby making the registration process last up to 3 months due to unforeseen query by approval officers who are not knowledgeable in ICT.

They sometimes query you on things you can’t resolve e.g approval officer given you a query to correct drop down menu, delete uploaded documents without delete button etc.

State office can’t offer support to customers anymore, when you call, they direct you to Abuja.

CAC has centralized communication system to only Abuja with only 5 telephone lines Nationwide. These phone numbers are busy from 8am – 4pm then switched off.

Only Lagos and Abuja approves limited liability company and Incorporated trustees there by making the registration process last up to 3 months.

Only Abuja process post Incorporation services there by making the process last up to 3 months.

50% of post Incorporation account is not working thereby making government loose billions on weekly basis. I am suppose to pay annual returns amounting to 1,000,000 Naira but can because my post Incorporated account is not working. I have made several complaint but no resolution, an officer of the commission when I said I will report to the minister of finance and the president he said I should go ahead that nothing will happen.

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CAC treat customers like animals.
Customers are crying and yet they don’t seems to do anything.

We call on the president to the registrar general to order and return the commission to the state management and resolve over 1,000,000 pending application in their database.

We also appeal to the president to direct the CAC registrar general to restore all accredited account unable to login to post Incorporation account.

It’s funny for Accredited agent to login to pre Incorporation account but can’t login to post information account.

Your Excellency billions are been lost in this commission on daily basis. People want to pay revenue but this commission is frustrating the process.