Why Guys Should Avoid Girls With The Entitlement Mentality


Whilst it is very sacrosanct for a guy to avoid stinginess towards a lady he deeply desires, I strongly believe that It is perfectly normal for any lady to want to be with a guy who can provide but not for her needs but for his family and until she becomes part of his family she has no right whatsoever to make demands except what the guy chooses to give to her.

Many ladies are quick to say… “I can’t be with a man who can not take care of me, I can’t suffer from any man”… and I tend to ponder over this statement…” does it mean their ability to make wealth is dependent on a man or are they destined to suffer without a man fending for them?”… 

In My opinion, the entitlement mentality is an easy bondage every woman must avoid at all costs. It breeds redundancy and loss of self-worth… It makes them look like leech only in search of a host to feed on. .. gives them a deluded self-belief and inflated sense of importance and in most cases makes them easy prey for sexual predators and men with Satanic motives. 

I want ladies reading this to understand this homemade truth… YOU don’t need any “well to do” man in your life before you can survive or make wealth regardless of your background, … It is a silly mindset. You can make insane wealth all by yourself and this should be the paramount focus so that meeting a man ”who can take care of you” will only be a plus and not a hustle… 

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Hope this makes sense.