Why Our Religions Are Not Growing


All religions were originally designed by man, solely with this end in view,. But unfortunately in the course of time, man gradually drifted away from realities and become a slave of his own handcraft. Religion: as religion deteriorated into institutionalized churches and temples, everywhere as you see in our country Nigeria today.

Without even minding the reasons why we are here in the world, temples, rigid codes of moral and social conducts, lacking the living touch and pulsating life impulse of their founders. “I know no disease of the soul but ignorance by Ben Jonson. How to remove the veil of ignorance in our lives are the problem of problems.

That is what we see today all over in the name of religion, such did not stop any evil vices we are witnessing here in our country, the reason why God create human beings, but the reverse is the case. What we see among those who called themselves religious members or their fellow humans. We put on different colours or faces when we deal with our neighbours.

Another colour in the morning and evening. Such different colours are what we carry along to our brothers and sisters in the churches, where we call the religious members. After our claims, we find in our different colours we are known as hatred, back biting, envy, greediness, advanced free fraud, fornication, robbery, adultery, bribery, e.t.c. 

These are what you find among those who called themselves members of one religious. If we need the ways given to us by our God, through our Lord Jesus the Christ – if not obeyed, sooner our word including Nigeria would be worst place to live, due to the kinds of corruptions found in our country today.

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Commentary written by

Chief  Comr. Eloka M.O

Prem. Gods Activist