You Can’t Become a Star By Sleeping With Producers, Bolanle Tells Actress


Popular Nollywood actor, Ninalowo Bolanle has revealed the reason behind his success.
Bolanle, said he strongly believes in God’s power despite not going to church for over a long period of time and he thinks his faith has brought him to where he is now.

In an Instagram live session with Mr. Porsche, the actor disclosed that one cannot become a star by just sleeping with Nollywood producers and even if you do, you will not go anywhere with it since you did not work for it.

Bolanle said,

“The blame should not be on Nollywood because it doesn’t have structure, but it should be on the individual. You are not a victim of circumstances; you are victim of the choices you made. A lot of them are carried away. They don’t have retirement plans. We are prone to be carried away in life, but humility is there to bring you back to senses. Although, I have only gone to church once in my entire life, I read the bible a lot. My name is Azeez; I was born into a staunch Muslim family. When I was troubled and frustrated, it was the bible that saved me; my parents and family members couldn’t. So, I picked up the bible and it became my life manual. People now blame environment and government for whatsoever happen to them. If I lose all my money today, I am to blame. It is my problem. They should be more responsible and know what to do at the right time.
I’m not mocking anybody, but if you can get up and go shop for good things you need, then I don’t think anyone should school you about this. Natural disaster, natural causes, are bound to happen, how prepared are you?” he stated.

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Adding to this he said:

“Husbands of Lagos; got me my first major breakthrough in Nollywood. It broke me in and got me lots of attention. Then Picture Perfect broke me out of the game. It made me a star. You can’t become a star by sleeping with all producers in Nollywood, even if you do that, it won’t take you anywhere. It can also make you a celebrity not a star. Grace got where I am today. Grace of God made me a star.”