Your Husband Is Not Your Friend, He Is Your Lord — Nigerian Man Tells Women


A Nigerian businessman, Darlington Onyelike, has advised women not to let social media deceive them into believing that there is equality in marriage, News Desk Paper reports.

Onyelike, who stated this in a post on Tuesday, January 31, also told married women that their husbands are not their friends but their lord.

He wrote on Facebook;

“There is no equality in marriage, stop confusing yourself, there are no two heads in a home, just one and that is your husband. Your husband is the head of the family just like God is the head of the church.

Your Husband is not your friend, he is your Lord (1 Peter 3:6). Majority of those that claimed to have married their friend have divorced the marriages. And there is no way your husband can give you 24hours attention, wont he go to work and make money for the family? that means he Will stay with you from morning till night? It’s not possible, let’s stop deceiving ourselves on social media. Even a jobless man can never give a woman 24hours attention.”

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