Your Time As Governor is Over Pastor Giwa Tells Akeredolu


Following the adoption of Chief Olusola Oke by the Unity Forum, a formidable group within the Ondo State chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC), the senior Pastor of Awaiting The Second Coming Of Jesus Christ, Adewale Giwa has told the embattled governor Rotmi Akeredolu to start packing his bags from Alagbaka government house.

Giwa, in a statement forwarded to News Desk specifically said good people of the state had made up their minds to kick out Mr. Akeredolu through their collective votes.

Giving the reasons why Akeredolu might not be reelected, the cleric said,” Everything about governor Akeredolu has failed, and those who are loyal to him now are his wife and children. 

“He should not even trust his Chief of Staff because they will all disappoint him. Don’t get me twisted, I am talking as a human being like what a Greek Philosopher, Aristotle said that man is a political animal because he is a social creature with the power of speech and moral reasoning. 

“Akeredolu only came to serve himself, wife, children and in-laws. Ondo state people thought the governor would build or revamp moribund industries in the state but he failed to do so. 

“Rather, he is giving out a fish without teaching a man to fish, what an irony! As it is, only God can save Akeredolu, but I doubt it because he has misused the opportunity that God gave to him. He became the governor of Ondo state on a platter of gold.

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“When I raised my observation in 2018 that he should caution his wife, the governor didn’t listen, but he rather instructed his aides to call me different names on the social media. 

“I sent him a message on what to do in Ondo state that won’t make the people forget him like former Olusegun Mimiko, but he totally ignored. Why are we still talking about Baba Adekunle Ajasin and Chief Adebayo Adefarati today? Because these men took their time to create industries for the unemployed citizens.

“They didn’t think about investing in their family members, but they rather invested in people by protecting their precious names. A good name is more desirable than great riches, according to Proverb 22:1

“They took all our resources away to Ibadan, and other places. Well, the Unity Forum has made a good choice and the people of Ondo state are looking forward to seeing a new government. Like I sent a message to governor Akeredolu, I will also remind Chief Olusola Oke that he should ensure that he creates genuine industries or revamp moribund ones in the state to create jobs for the unemployed youths.

“Our graduates have taken over Okada business in Ondo State, some have even turned to beggars on streets while parents no longer happy to send their children to schools.”